Invoxcontact logo

Client: Numintec / Date: January 2016

Invoxcontact is a Numintec product that features different services. Graphically, each service is represented with the figure of a different-coloured tear, so we included these colours and the shape in the Invoxcontact logotype as a background and across the entire text. We were also asked to provide a logotype for Breaking News, which would be used as the heading for the company’s internal newsletter. It was supposed to be informal and fun, hence we took the figure of a cloud, which enjoys great presence in the company’s overall identity, and we turned it into a character with simple and rounded forms.

logotip invoxcontact

Invoxcontact logo

logotip Breaking news

Breaking News logo

PCG identitat

PCG identity

Housepharma, identitat

Housepharma identity


Prevint identity

European Textile Machinery Roadshow in Colombia, identitat

European Textile Machinery Roadshow in Colombia identity