Prevint corporate identity

Client: Prevint / Date: March 2016

Prevint, Societat de Prevenció decided to change its logotype and its image in general on the occasion of the company’s 10th anniversary. When we developed the idea for the logotype, we decided to maintain the corporate colours (green and yellow) to guarantee continuity with the previous logotype, since they are highly recognisable for the company’s customers and help it to stand out from its competitors, as well as being closely related to the idea of sustainability and friendliness.

Prevint Identitat corporativa

Prevint logo: The most outstanding difference is the introduction of an arc over the text, intended to convey the concept of protection, with a rounded shape that affords the concept smoothness or softness.

We changed the logotype’s typeface. In the view of the company’s proximity values, we think that presenting the name in small-case letters helps to underline these values and also makes for better readability. The text is rounded, fitting in well with the idea of protection, there is nothing sharp, nothing harsh, everything is humane and easy.

Prevint Identitat corporativa

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Prevint Identitat corporativa, tarjetes

Business cards: We also made the most of the opportunity to create a new identity for the corporate stationery. The design was very classic at the customer’s express request.

Prevint Identitat corporativa, catalogue

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