SEO online course

Client: Cambra de Comerç Barcelona / Date: January 2017

Illustration and layout of the search engine organisation (SEO) online course for the Business Virtual Campus of the Chambers of Commerce. Once the content had been created by one of our collaborators who had been commissioned with doing the course training, Carles Revilla, the contents were structured, illustrations were created, computer graphics and screen designs were produced and finally the graphic material was dummied with the Articulate Storyline e-learning software.

Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline

UX and personalised design

UX and personalised

Curso online SEO

Course illustration: we created a character, Glum, to act as the course leitmotif and to accompany the learners throughout it.

Curso online SEO

Course illustration: the graphic design of the character and different graphic items are based on very simple forms which, with minor changes, could easily be adapted to the different screen concepts.

Curso online SEO

Example of interactive infographics.

Curso online SEO
Curso online SEO

Course layout: the course content is interactive, with different calls-to-action for the learner.

Curso online Startup

Creation of start-ups online course

Click and service

Click and Service website

Numintec, comic

Numintec comic


Re-Crea motion graphic