Digitisation of processes and organisations

The world has become very complicated. And so to have companies and organisations. Processes are under-efficient and our organisations are saturated. The proliferation of ICT means that we can all be part of the problem or part of the solution. Would you like us to help you to simplify, streamline and digitise your projects?

There are many ways of understanding the digital transformation and change management in the digital era. Some people think that it is just a matter of making a huge corporate Intranet or providing training in social media. Some even believe that the way to go is simply to inventory all the imaginable steps for any process and ten post a huge PDF on the Intranet (and then tweet it!).

Ideamatic, on the other hand, believes that the digital transformation must involve listening, designing and digitally implementing new forms of relationships between the people inside an organisation. The digital revolution is not a mere fashion that tangentially affects our companies, universities and organisations. Quite the opposite: the digital revolution radically transforms the way that people, machines and groups manage activities. In digital terms, different processes are possible!

So, you might wonder how we put such beautiful and high-sounding words into practice? There are three ingredients: (1) corporate ethnography or techno-anthropology, to understand what the real objectives of people, processes and organisations are; (2) by applying design thinking methodologies to the prototyping and functional design of new processes and relationship models between people and digital devices; and (3) by implementing it all choosing the most suitable technologies or creating the necessary applications, apps and virtual collaboration environments from scratch.

Would you like us to reimagine your organisation? More digital, efficient and more “ideamatic”?

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