Digital marketing

Obtain more visits, improve your online sales, get subscriptions or convert by means of SEO, SEM campaigns and Social Media, analytics, e-mail marketing, web usability, content strategy… In a word: make sure that your web is effective and that it fulfils the objectives for which you designed it, and Ideamatic are the experts that will make sure that your web does what it is really supposed to do.

Strategic consulting in digital marketing

One of the main objectives of your website must be to generate new business opportunities, and to do so your potential clients need to be able to visit you. We help you to develop a digital strategy and marketing plan to help you to reach your target audience.

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Definition and conceptualisation of websites

Do you need to create a new website? Do you want to improve the performance of your current website? Internet evolves at breakneck speed and your web must evolve accordingly. A few years ago it was not so important if your web was not responsive but nowadays it is indispensable. Your web has to be alive, constantly evolving and with updated content. Ideamatic can help you to do this by taking care of the conceptualisation and through personalised strategic content consultancy.

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Social media marketing

Would you like to be present on the social media but don’t know how to go about it? The social media have become an extraordinary channel to afford your brand visibility and to be able to engage much more directly with potential and current clients, suppliers, distributors, workers, etc. You must be in there, but not just any old way…

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