Social media marketing

Ideamatic produces communication plans in Social Media Marketing, defining the strategy to be followed to give your brand visibility through the social media.

Would you like to be present on the social media but don’t know how to go about it? The social media have become an extraordinary channel to afford your brand visibility and to be able to engage much more directly with potential and current clients, suppliers, distributors, workers, etc. You must be in there, but not just any old way…

Ideamatic are experts in social media strategy projects, social media advertising projects and in projects for the implementation and deployment of such strategies at all levels. We can help you by generating…

Your presence strategy in the social media. We analyse your brand, your product and your key users and define the best approach to leverage the most suitable social channels with the lowest possible maintenance cost.

Your social advertising strategy. We design the most efficient online advertising actions in the social channels for your business model and your objectives.

The execution and deployment of these strategies. We configure and activate your social channels, we create your social advertising campaigns, we train your team to maintain and monitor everything and we offer you support to ensure that you will never walk alone.

By engaging directly in the “community management” or maintenance of your social channels. We create an action plan and a social publishing line so that we can deal professionally with the maintenance of your social media, help your mass of followers and contacts to grow and channel them towards the key objectives of your company or organisation.

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