Strategic consulting in digital marketing

You now have a website! So how will your target users reach it? We help you to optimise your website to place it among the top search engine results and make it as visible as possible.

One of the main objectives of your website must be to generate new business opportunities, and to do so your potential clients need to be able to visit you. We help you to develop a digital strategy and marketing plan to help you reach your target audience.

We will define precise and measurable actions taking human and financial resources into account. We will identify the possible need for new landing pages; whether you need to invest in online advertising and which channels; whether you need to come up with a new content plan that guides the user to do what you want them to do or which can be found more easily by the search engines (SEO); or whether we have to design a set of actions create new channels on the social media that are really useful for your objectives.

And we do all of this by planning an implementation schedule, assigning tasks to the web administrators or to the communication team in order to implement the plan, establishing metrics that make it possible to properly evaluate the progress and the results of the implementation of the plan.

Does that sound good? Then let’s do it!

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