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Your product is special. Selling excursions in kayak or skateboards has nothing to do with selling professional training courses. Each product needs to reach the future client with a different language, different tools and through a different route. Ideamatic will help you to find the best solution for your e-commerce or virtual store, we will design and develop it for you to make Internet-based selling a dream come true.

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UX and personalised

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Starting up an E-commerce is a major step that needs the right tool for each project. We help you to find the best solution, and as of then we design and develop your online store to make Internet-based selling a dream come true.

We position your web in search engines, we optimise it to generate sales and we make it responsive or adaptive to any mobile device in web formats or customised Apps.

The process of creating your online store begins as soon as we talk. We understand the nature of your product, the characteristics of your client, the specificities of your distribution, storage, discount and customer loyalty-building process. We can thus design the plan that best suits your needs to turn your web into an E-commerce and improve your Internet-based sales.

Your new E-commerce will be able to leverage E-commerce platforms such as Prestashop or WooCommerce, two of the most commonly used solutions for online stores all over the world. They have a standard content manager, with user-friendly templates and functionalities. They are two of the most popular and fastest-growing E-commerce CMS.

And anything that the standard platforms cannot do are covered by our content manager, Bugalú, which creates totally customised stores, small or large, that are easy to manage and can be adapted to the client’s requirements.

Would you like to sell on the Internet? Let’s go for it!

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