Customised website programming and design

Is your company just like any other company? Is your organisation just any organisation? If the answer is “no”, then neither will you be content with just any old website, will you? Ideamatic will make you a customised, solid website, free of technical or design limitations and with total independence of management.

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UX and personalised

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There are no limits. There are no conditions. You will have the website that you need, one that brings you closer to your users and to your objectives. Website design from Barcelona, near you, and customised to suit your project.

We do customised website design, from the design of the interface through to development, using Web programming technologies and standards such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery, etc. Everything is built upon three core principles: user experience, always guaranteeing usability to make the web useful and attractive to the user, to make it popular with the search engines or browsers, well-positioned, responsive and viewable on any screen.

We use IdeaLAB, our own content manager and work platform, to create these totally personalised websites. You will have all the management tools you need so maintain your updated website, which we will tailor to suit your needs. This “CMS” or content manager is based on open languages and is totally scalable. IdeaLAB can handle any challenge.

Each website’s needs are different. Over the years, we have worked with all kinds of clients (companies, universities, start-ups, institutions, congresses, freelance professionals, artists, etc.), which is why we can adapt IdeaLAB to cater to the needs of each project. This also explains why there will never be two IdeaLAB alike. IdeaLAB is our platform for creating the best possible experience for you, and the most effective route towards accomplishing your website’s objectives.

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