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We design websites with WordPress, the world’s most widespread and popular content management platform. With Ideamatic you do not adapt to what WordPress can offer you, but rather WordPress adapts to your ideas.

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We have accumulated extensive experience in designing and creating websites with WordPress, the world’s most widespread and popular content management platform. Professional results for your corporate website or personal blog. Ideamatic sets its sights much higher with the famous content manager, creating fast, lightweight and easy-to-manage websites with a highly-personalised design created just for you.

WordPress began as a manager for creating blogs and has grown quickly and substantially as a website content manager. What are the advantages of WordPress that make it so popular? There are many:

Its ease of use, allowing any team to manage it independently, and its speed of deployment, allowing projects which not so long ago took months to be implemented in a matter of days or weeks.

Its native optimisation for search engines and mobile devices, yielding very good results with a very affordable initial outlay.

Its flexibility in adapting to your corporate image thanks to the thousands of community-created graphic “themes” that we adapt for you.

This huge community of developers and designers behind it, creating and improving all types of complements, which means that virtually anything is possible with WordPress.

Despite its undeniable advantages, WordPress is still a huge and irregular world. Just as there are dozens of fantastic complements, there are hundreds of not so good ones, and thousands of other components that have been dropped or are incompatible. And just as it permits a rapid and affordable deployment, it also requires a professional configuration to make it a secure, fast and stable system.

Ideamatic has been working with WordPress for years now, so we know how to leverage all its functionalities. Would you like to try it?

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